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We're Quality Mobile Mechanics, your car's new best friend! Let our certified mechanics bring the workshop to your car or truck, wherever you may be. Our crew tackles everything from sneaky leaks to grumpy engines, all with a smile!

With us, your car repair call gets the great service it deserves, minus the dreaded auto repair shop drama. No more waiting all day for the shop to give you an update.

Buckle up and enjoy the ride, because Quality Mobile Mechanics, McKinney has got your back (and your car's too)!

We're experienced professionals handling maintenance for all major car and truck models. These are our popular services:

Mobile Truck Services
Brakes & Brake Pad Replacement
Car Battery Replacement

Pre-Purchase Car Inspection

A/C Inspection & Repair

Mobile Oil Change
Emergency Auto Services & Repair

Mobile Diagnostics & Troubleshooting

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Mobile repair car diagnostics.
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The #1 Mobile Auto Service in McKinney

Mobile Truck Mechanic

Is your truck a bit under the weather? Don't worry! Quality Mobile Mechanics, McKinney brings the garage to you with our own mobile truck repair service.

Our technicians have a knack for truck TLC and a repertoire of hilarious jokes to keep you chuckling. From diesel engines to heavy-duty suspensions, we've got your rig covered. So, truck owners, rest easy knowing your big rig is in capable and comical hands.

Call us at (469) 437-7228 to book an appointment!

Truck stranded on side of road. Repair.
Change brake pads.

Brakes & Brake Pad Replacement

Are your brakes squealing louder than a stand-up comedian bombing on stage? Quality Mobile Mechanics, McKinney is here to swap those worn-out brakes and brake pads with a dash of humor. Trust us, your brakes will be the talk of repair shop and the town (in a good way!).

Care Battery Inspection & Replacement

Have a car battery that's flatter than a pancake on a griddle? Let Quality Mobile Mechanics energize your ride with our car battery replacement service. So say adios to unexpected dead batteries and embrace the spark of a newly charged car battery!

Inspect and replace the battery.

Pre-Purchase Car Inspection

We know that navigating the used car market is tough so let us ease the burden! Quality Mobile Mechanics will come to you and complete a pre-purchase car inspection for you. No need to schedule an appointment and then drive to a separate shop! We will prepare you with all the critical information you need to make this the best car-buying experience yet!

A/C Repair

Has your car's A/C turned your ride into a tropical vacation gone wrong? We know how to fix that, too! Don't suffer another day through extreme heat! In almost no time, our cool, calm, and collected technicians will have your car's temperature control back in action.


Mobile Oil Change Service

Don't you hate wasting an hour in a smelly body shop to get your oil changed? Well no more! Quality Mobile Mechanics is here to liven things up with our own mobile auto mechanic and oil change service. Our skilled comedians, er, auto mechanics will keep your engine humming like a well-oiled machine while keeping you in stitches. With us, your engine's lifeblood will flow smoother than a witty one-liner.

Emergency Auto Service & Repair

When automotive repairs and mishaps strike, Quality Mobile Mechanics is here to save the day with our professional emergency auto services and repair. From deflated tires to radiator meltdowns, we'll get your car back on the road, laughing all the way.

Mobile Diagnostics & Troubleshooting

Not sure from where that 'cluuunk' sound is coming? We're here to solve the riddle with our mobile diagnostics auto repair services and troubleshooting service. Our expert auto mechanics here will pinpoint those pesky issues with cutting-edge tools and side-splitting humor. We'll diagnose and fix those baffling problems while making you laugh harder than ever before.

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